Crap Joke of the Day™ #10

Wow. The second ever Friday Crap Joke of the Day™. Who would have thought that CJotD could come so far in such a short time?

It’s a been a merry day here at CJotD HQ as the Crap Joke of the Day™ community threw itself enthusiastically into the Comic Relief spirit (a fine day of japes in the name of charity here in the UK, for all you overseas CJotD fans).

As followers of CJotD on Twitter will already know, the quality control team kicked things off in fine style by coming into work dressed as superheroes. Other highlights included the IT team’s costumed rendition of The Rolling Stones’ ‘Start me up’ and the archive department’s sponsored alphabetising challenge. It’s been something of a carnival atmosphere.

And why not? It’s Friday. Welcome to the end of the week, crap joke fans. To celebrate, here’s something of a classic. Surely it’s worth a five star rating? Either way, enjoy your weekend.

Q. What do you call a soldier who has survived mustard gas and pepper spray?
A. A seasoned veteran.

Another one of those, same time on Monday.


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