Crap Joke of the Day™ #19

Crap joke fans: it’s Friday. And, for you lucky Crap Joke of the Day™ followers in those great isles of Britain, it’s also seventeen minutes past five. That means home time.

Spring is certainly nearly upon us, and the cool people from the CJotD team (identifiable by having more daring haircuts that no-one else would dare consider and generally appearing a little dishevelled) are circling, vulture like, by the lifts ready to visit the local drinking establishment. Spirits are high.

We imagine you’ll be wanting to shut down and head out too (indeed, you’ve probably been waiting for today’s CJotD offering before putting your coat on). So, without further ado, here’s the final Crap Joke of the Day™ of the week. To fit the mood, this one has a summery flavour. Enjoy – and have a great weekend.

Q. What’s Irish and stays outside all summer?
A. Paddy O’Furniture.

Another one of those, same time tomorrow.


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