New series of CJotD fan inteviews launches today

Crap Joke of the Day™ is just 27 days old, but is already a phenomenon on the tinterweb superhighway. Zuckerberg is quaking in his boots; a queue of advertisers is forming at the oak-panelled CJotD door.

But we’re not naïve here at CJotD: we know that we would be nothing without our fans. You have made Crap Joke of the Day™ the living, breathing community that it is today, and we want to give something back.

So we’re proud to announce the launch of a new series of posts featuring interviews with our biggest supporters: Friends® of CJotD. These will be bare-all affairs that really get to the heart of how exactly fans ‘enjoy CJotD’. Hopefully we’ll all gain a little inspiration from sharing these CJotD stories, routines and nostalgia.

The first such interview is with Zaria. Zaria discovered the site a few weeks back and, since then, has become one of our finest ambassadors, truly taking CJotD to work with her.

Hi Zaria. We hear you’re a big CJotD fan. How did you find out about it?
I saw it mentioned in the ‘Top 10 Twitterers to Watch of 2011’ in The News of the World culture section. You can follow Zaria on Twitter @zaria_b, and CJotD @crapjokedaily – ed.

Yeah, a lot of people saw that. What are your earliest memories of crap jokes?
My family are a dynasty of crap jokers – I was brought up with it all around me. I guess that’s why I feel so home at

How do you experience Crap Joke of the Day™?
I read it aloud in the office to my colleagues – we’re only a small team of six, and we share our office with some librarians (that’s not a joke). It’s always a challenge to see if we can get a smile out of those old girls.

Sounds like you’ve got a regular thing going. Would you say you have any Crap Joke of the Day rituals?
It always tends to be after lunch, once everyone has a very strong cuppa in hand. We’ll have just finished the paper crossword, and be in need some encouragement as we face the prospect of another afternoon at the grindstone. One afternoon we had ran out of milk and couldn’t accompany CJotD with a cup of tea. It was pretty extreme, but we still pulled through.

In your opinion, what is the mark of a good crap joke?
Groaning – you know you’ve not hit the spot until you’ve heard a groan!

What’s been your favourite CJotD so far?
CJotD #8 was a real highlight in our office. Like I said we often have the CJotD after completing the crossword. Surely that joke proves that it’s life that imitates art…

Would you say CJotD has changed you at all?
It’s changed my life in more ways then I can mention. I honestly believe peace in the world would be possible if more people took just two minutes to read CJotD each day. Has anyone sent a link to Gaddafi?

‘Laughter is the best medicine’. Discuss.
This sounds like Andrew Lansley’s tag line at the moment! Anything to save some money in the NHS!

By taking part in this interview, Zaria has now formally become a Friend® of Crap Joke of the Day™. Want to share that prestigious title? Volunteer to answer some simple questions by emailing us here.


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