Crap Joke of the Day™ #34

Happy Monday, one and all. We hope your week is going swimmingly so far. And why wouldn’t it be? As promised during our heroic comeback Crap Joke of the Day™ on Friday, we’re back and here to stay.

And now – hard-working mirth-seekers – it’s 4.27. Time for you to put down the Mont Blanc, take the phone off the hook (or discard the Britney Spears-style headset, call centre crap joke fans) and loosen your tie: it’s CJotD time.

Our editorial team have pulled a storming two-liner together for you. Today’s is a toe-curlingly hilarious, guffaw-inducing embarrassment of a crap joke. You’re sure to love it – that’s why you’re here, right? Here it is, fresh off the joke press.

I got into a fight this morning while listening to some music.
Turns out I had my iPod on scuffle.

Another one of those, same time tomorrow.


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