Crap Joke of the Day™ #38

Happy Friday, crap joke fans! What a week it’s been.

Just a week on from the tremendous re-launch of CJotD after a six month hiatus (oh how you suffered, faithful reader), we have both received rave reviews and come under fire for an alleged discriminatory crap joke. And, to make matters worse, many of our employees here at Crap Joke of the Day HQ have fallen ill today, and we’re severely under-staffed.

Against that backdrop, we’re just delighted to get to the end of the week.  We imagine you are too. So go on – get down to your local drinking establishment now (do make sure to check with your line manager first). You deserve it.

But memorise this corker before you do – your mates will love it. Just tell them where you got it from, eh?

I was assaulted the other day. Some idiot chucked milk, cheese and yoghurt all over me.
How dairy.

Another one of those, same time on Monday.


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