Crap Joke of the Day™ #57

First up today: an apology for the lack of a CJotD yesterday.

As you’ll no doubt be aware, this past weekend saw the celebration of St. Patrick’s Day. Our head of IT – on the rota this week for web uploading duty – went out on the town with some Irish friends. A fun (and sober, we stress) evening took a turn for the worse when, after just two drinks, his normally highly attuned sense of spatial awareness abandoned him. Slipping on a comedy Guinness hat precipitated a broken wrist, sprained ankle and a balding Irish man with no headgear becoming irrationally disgruntled.

Needless to say, our colleague didn’t make it into work yesterday and our regular update wasn’t possible.

However those that were in the office were delighted to hear how our public relations team had achieved a Crap Joke of the Day first: a mention in international media. Australian national newspaper the Sunday Telegraph mentioned CJotD as part of a feature on how laughter plays a critical part in health in their Body+Soul supplement. Great coverage for us. As our web analytics team reported on Twitter, the piece led to a huge number of visits from down under.

The theme of the piece is very much on our agenda. CJotD has for a long time lobbied governments home and abroad on the need for investment in laughter remedies to solve ailments physical and mental, so we were doubly delighted that the Sunday Telegraph responded positively to our briefing and picked up the baton. Bonza.

But onto today’s mirth-maker, loosely linked to the exploits of our esteemed colleague in IT. Like it? Hate it? Give it a star rating below, and tell your friends on Facebook.

I’ve been reading some statistics on the most common way people walk when drunk.
It’s staggering.

Another one of those, same time tomorrow.


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