Crap Joke of the Day™ #61

Good afternoon fellow crap-jokers. As those of you who have been glued to Crap Joke of the Day™ over the past few weeks will know, we have been working under a cloud here at CJotD HQ.

A dark, brooding, tumultuous-looking cloud. We’ve done our best to peer through – and even beyond – its misty interior.

As we merrily celebrated our 50th birthday two weeks ago, our world was shaken with a double-dose of bad news: on the one hand, Steven Seagal didn’t make the party; on the other, a lawsuit was filed against us.

Since then the CJotD legal team have placed strict limits on what we can and can’t say about the legal action (quite a creative straitjacket for the fine writers on our editorial team). Thankfully, a court date is in sight and we are now able to start lifting the lid on our torment.

A well-known comedian (who we will name in due course) has claimed that CJotD has unfairly stolen his comedic modus operandi and that, without him, we would not exist. He is staking a claim to 80% of CJotD revenue to date, and 75% of future earnings.

It is fair to say he does this with no real knowledge of our financials.

Of course we refute his ludicrous claim. Our crack team of lawyers are devising a watertight case that will not only prove the originality of our modus operandi, but also bring the history of ‘so bad they’re good jokes’ into sharp focus. They are working around the clock (racking up considerable delivery pizza charges) to secure our future, but if any CJotD fans out there have legal experience, please do leave any ideas you might have in the comments section below.

More news to follow. We hope that this news casts none of the shadow engulfing CJotD HQ over your day. Regardless, this mirth-maker will surely banish any blues. Enjoy, and tell your friends.

I wanted to sue an airline after they damaged my luggage, so I showed the badly damaged remains to my lawyer.
His advice: ‘You don’t have much of a case’.

Another one of those, same time tomorrow.


2 responses to “Crap Joke of the Day™ #61

  1. I reckon I know which comedian you mean as I can almost hear him using thousands of similar puns/witticisms throughout his act. He is one of my favourite comedians.

    Having said that, he tells so many during each performance that you can never remember any of them!

    I would set the weevils on him.

    Mike Price, Solihull

    • Thanks for your comment and support, Mike from Solihull.

      Regardless of the comedian’s true identity, we think their claim is beyond spurrious, and will fight our corner.

      The CJotD customer relations team

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