Crap Joke of the Day™ #68

We r gret t  info m you – loyal cr p  oke fan – that we h ve  een suf e ing som  tech ic l di iculti s here at  rap  oke of the  ay™ HQ  oday.

Th  p werful CJ tD s percmp ter crashed d ring a pow r surg  this morn  g and, w ile our IT te m hav  been abl  to get some of our syst ms up and ru ning again, o hers are either of line or run  ng supernova hot. Our tele hone scr ens are al  displa ing the simpl  m ssag : ‘major alarm’.

Of all th sy tem fail res, the malfu  tion that has oc u red inside the CJo D word proce sor is most con erning: it has c used it to ‘lose’ seve  l let rs.

So we o ce again cut to th  chase t day. O r IT team hav hotwire d the syst m to ens re our jok  i self is intact. E joy.

Did you hear about the thief who fell and broke his leg in wet cement?
He became a hardened criminal.

An  th r one o  those, sam t me tomorro .


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