Crap Joke of the Day™ #75

Welcome to Monday, crap joke fans. We hope you had great weekends.

It’s been a fairly quiet Monday, although the rather hushed atmosphere was briefly interrupted this morning to celebrate the achievements of a member of the Crap Joke of the Day™ public relations team.

The individual in question  is one of our graduate trainees. Yesterday he completed the London marathon, earning thousands of pounds for a local charity.

It’s a remarkable achievement, especially since he has spent much of the previous few months drinking copious amounts of lager and munching through huge numbers of sweets stolen from the CJotD brainstorming rooms. Colleagues were all the more surprised by his success in light of his generally carefree and apathetic demeanour.

CJotD congratulated him on his achievement in the only way we knew how: with a cake in the shape of the 1993 London marathon winner, moustached British athletics hero Eamonn Martin.

Anyway – onto today’s hilarity. Sadly the drawer containing jokes filed in the ‘long distance track and field events’ category in our archive facility is stuck closed at the moment (and George has misplaced his WD40), so we’ve had to search for topicality elsewhere. And where better to look than the current race for the French presidency? No doubt you’ve been eagerly watching on the news.


Why do all French people want to hug Obama?
Because President Sarkozy.

Another one of those, same time tomorrow.


One response to “Crap Joke of the Day™ #75

  1. I don’t get it.

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