Crap Joke of the Day™ #76

Hark! Forsooth, we hath been enjoying the finest of Shakespearean pentameter today. We beseech you: join us, join us as we doth celebrate the bard’s day of birth.

Yes, it seems the CJotD Shakespearean phrase generator® is a little off its game today, but nonetheless we here at HQ have been marking the birthday of England’s finest playwright with typical energy and verve. Aside from the obligatory fancy dress (our IT team came as Elizabethan wenches and were quite the picture) and the Tudor catering, the highlight of the day was no doubt our head of creativity’s lone performance of Hamlet. He worked from the 1623 First Folio text – it was quite some five and a half hours.

For those of you outside the UK, news bulletins here yesterday were full of celebrations happening up and down the country on the matter. We were slightly puzzled at the development, as we were under the distinct impression that William’s real birthday is unknown. The official CJotD historian has assured us that we can only be sure about Shakespeare’s baptism date: 26 April, two days from now.

Not wanting to be left behind however, we brought hastily convened the CJotD events committee who brought our celebrations forward to today. And, of course, we have a highly relevant crap joke (made even more pertinent by the wet and chilly weather we Londoners have suffered of late) to round off the revelry. Enjoy.

It might be cold and rainy, but I’ve decided to put up a marquee in my garden with some funky music and flashing lights in it.
Now is the winter of my disco tent.

Another one of those, same time tomorrow.


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  1. brilliant

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