What is a Crap Joke?

What came first – the chicken, or the egg? How was the universe created? How can one explain the Bermuda triangle? Why do Americans insist on calling their baseball championship the World Series when only they compete? Why do some people choose to wear hats indoors?

Some things aren’t meant to be understood: they just are. The nature of a ‘crap joke’ is precisely that.

A crap joke – such as you might find on the world famous laughter factory that is Crap Joke of the Day™ – is more complicated than a simple two-liner might suggest. It lies somewhere between the terrible joke you might find in a cheap Christmas cracker and the witty wisecrack of a world class comedian.

Yes, there are some basic criteria. A crap joke, for example, is usually no more than two or three lines long (although length may vary). It typically involves punnery. Some say crap jokes usually appeal more to older men – often fathers – than other social groups.

But what really sets crap jokes apart from their more conventional counterparts is the reaction of the reader or listener: usually a rolling of the eyes, a groan, or even an exclamation of disgust accompanies a smile or outright laughter. It is the unique combination of ‘bad’ and ‘good’ that makes them special.

In time, you’ll find plenty of examples here on Crap Joke of the Day™. Some will be too good to be crap, some will be too crap to be good, and some will hit the mark. Either way, if you think you have a good one to add to the mix, let us know here.


2 responses to “What is a Crap Joke?

  1. love jokes!!would love to get daily by e-mails

  2. Am adding to my blogroll

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